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Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week Last week I was across the globe, representing Move38 and the MIT Media Lab at Dubai Design Week. Troxes were featured in the Global Grad Show and received constant praise throughout the week. "This is the most inspiring product I have seen all week" was exclaimed to repetition, and I blushed every single time. Students in the show laid dibs on display boxes so they could purchase them at the end of the show and bring them back to their home countries.   One aspect that always stands out at these events is how much Troxes is not simply an object. The toys and tools we play with shape the way we think, and Troxes provide a break from the norm, a resistance...

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Troxes Win Best in Class

Jonathan Bobrow, Co-Founder Move38, Inc. Last weekend Troxes were awarded Best in Class at New York City’s annual Maker Faire. In the words of the good people at Make: The red ribbon award acknowledges the hard work of those Makers who brought the best, most fun, engaging, memorable, and educational exhibits. Maker’s editors ribbons were given to Makers who they felt brought something special to the Faire. Over the course of the weekend 90,000 people attended Maker Faire, with over 750 different Makers exhibiting and more than 400 Troxes were built and given away for free. While receiving a ribbon is rewarding, it sure isn't half as rewarding as the rest of the weekend, with hundreds if not thousands of kids,...

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Troxes Debut at World Maker Faire NYC

Troxes will debut at the World Maker Faire New York this weekend. The Maker Faire is a celebration of makers coming together and sharing their projects to an all-ages gathering of curious individuals. This is one of my favorite events of the year and I’m so excited to share  Troxes with the Maker Faire community. Troxes will be available for sale, with hands-on activities for people to learn and play. Will you be at Maker Faire? We’d love to see you! Visit us at NYSCI: Central Gallery and enter for the chance to win free Troxes. Can’t make it to Maker Faire? You're still in luck, pre-order here online and save 25% off your purchase by using the code: MAKERS...

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